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Syllabus week:


The rest of the semester:


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Sep 16
Typical college semester
Aug 31

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Aug 31

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Aug 31


intensely beautiful…

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"My advice to young people is don’t take any advice. Don’t listen to anyone. Fuck the system, fuck the rules, make it up as you go along — don’t copy what anyone else does, follow your heart, follow your dreams, and eventually you will wake up and you’ll look back at your work and you’ll realize that what you did was honest to yourself."

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Aug 30



imagine your favourite character with the most agonizingly pained expression on their face as they watch the love of their life die and there’s nothing they can do about it


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Aug 3

"can i find you swallowed up in our garden, face streaked with petal oil, gathering berries for our breakfast. can we watch movies and do reenactments while building a bed frame. can we converse and debate about war, religion, music, the arts, why that painting makes me weep, why you have dreamed of being a filmmaker but have never tried. can we make love in ciluba, portuguese, and arabic. can we have spontaneous moments of dance while walking down the street. can we laugh until i am a silent wheeze on the floor. can your scent be the fragrance i opt for even when you are gone a year on assignment, finally working on that small film in recife. can we visit yemanja often and grow white flowers just for her. and take oshun fresh honeycombs every other sunday. can i find you when you are hiding in your sleep or your work or your hurt. can you coax me out of my silence. can we have a profuse amount of lavishly simple dinner parties with family and old and new friends where the sound of all of us is a warm chaos. can you see me going overboard on hosting sed dinner parties, shake your head, and say…that’s my baby.’ can i know the exact geography of your back, so that when you go too hard while painting, i know when and how to lay you down. can we spend saturday mornings with old school hip hop on vinyl; and friday evenings sharing our favorite music. can we strike cords in each other that make us lightning which can not be touched. can we not be afraid of lightning. can i be this tall woman with this brown mind and this life that must create. can you be this gorgeously complex land that i want to get lost in. can we meet at dusk after a long day, unweave our details, leave our dust at the door, and cook for one another. there is something that happens when four hands feed. can you be home in my freedom. can i find air in your roots. can we be ourselves. the most us we have ever been. can we be fly and honest and something fresh for our every morning; something easy for our every evening, and something willing for our every dream."

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...and Grey Wind was at the king’s side once more. Where he belongs.

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